Women’s Initiative for Liberation, Growth and Action

Our Services

We, at WILGA, provide myriad services in the areas of health, human rights, education and against violence.


We undertake health talks, awareness activities, public lectures, organize health camps and educate women on health problems, hygiene related issues and distribute medicines for common ailments. Health education activities for adolescent girls and women in reproductive age group are also undertaken. We also undertake education activities in the specialized fields including life style diseases, public health, mental health disorders, oral health, adolescent health, drug dependence/substance abuse etc.

Violence against Women

We undertake seminars, panel discussions, public lectures to educate women on legal provisions for sexual harassment of all kinds, domestic violence and other social issues and highlight the importance of reporting through appropriate channels. The women are also provided counseling services and legal aid. We also support women in taking police and legal action against the perpetrators of violence under various circumstances.

Human and Women’s Rights Issues

We conduct awareness and education activities for women to make them aware of their basic human rights, rights conferred under the constitution of India and various laws and legal provisions granted to them

Consultancy Services

On developing health education and advocacy campaigns, education and training material for such campaigns, development of media campaigns, setting up of work place wellness projects, organizing health and medical camps, legal consultancy on women’s issues etc.

Education Services

We offer tools, materials and resource persons for organizing activities related to health education and education campaigns on violence against women.

Counselling Services

We offer trained personal for counseling on health matters, mental health and legal issues related to violence against women and elderly persons.

WILGA is a commendable initiative on an sustainable and nuanced approach towards the empowerment of women.

Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar

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The pool of employable women is increasing in India, with it being 51.44% in 2022.