Women’s Initiative for Liberation, Growth and Action


Working Towards Women’s Empowerment

What is Wilga?

WILGA is a group of women from all walks of life who formed a national organization which works for protecting the rights of women and gender mainstreaming. WILGA works on the principles of social justice, personal integrity, equal rights and dignity for all women, so as to achieve health, economic growth and social change.

WILGA stands for holistic development and empowerment of women.

WILGA organizes various activities in different parts of the country to empower women by educating and sensitizing them with their rights and existing legal provisions available for their protection against gender violence including domestic violence, sexual harassment at work place and eve teasing which are major social problems.


WILGA offers disparate



By Donating

Your donations can go a long way in helping us undertake our activities for facilitating the empowerment of women in the myriad avenues that we keep as our priorities, be it around safety or rights, education or employment of women in India.

By Volunteering

Oftentimes, it is about your helping hand and the healing touch, the coming together of likeminded volunteers, which make all the difference! We have a dynamic cohort of volunteers who work selflessly, and you coming into the WILGA family can only make it go higher up, in its work.


The pool of employable women is increasing in India, with it being 51.44% in 2022.